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Is this possible in MLS? – great VIDEO

Please don’t do it at home Union fans

Is that possible on any of our MLS stadiums? –please comment below

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  1. hahahahahaha This is the only way Union can score tonight – great video. Go Sounders

  2. what a tape, I hope Union players will score tonight, not our supporters :):):)

  3. This video is a killer,btw in MLS this is impossible. American soccer fan will never do that :):)

  4. This is hysterical, great video 🙂

  5. Masterpiece, what a footage. No, that will never happen in MLS, but does happen once a while on NFL venues.

  6. You’d have to run pretty fast in Toronto to get this done — but I’m gonna say it’s slightly possible. Definitely having a trot around is do-able/has been done. Security hot on your heels tho. haha

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