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MLS – Sunil from India? Why not? – VIDEO

Sunil Chhetri on his press conference - PHOTO MLS

Sunil Chhetri on his press conference - PHOTO MLS


Kansas City Wizards signed 25 years old forward Sunil Chhetri and he already made history on US soil. Chhetri is first EVER player from India in 15 years old Major League Soccer. 

He is not here because his first name is Sunil – btw doesn’t his first name sounds familiar to some of you?

He apparently did not come to Kansas City for fixing all the computers there; he is not software programmer either.  You better become familiar with his name, because Sunil Chhetri is talented player, very promising forward with real potential to become big time MLS star. If you think little further than tomorrow’s game, Chhetri transfer might have significant impact on slowly but surely growing MLS.  

When you you take look at his stats, Chhetri scoring average is almost one goal in every other game. Is he going to score 15 goals in his first season in MLS?

Probably not, but 7-8 goals will make millions soccer fans happy. You may doubt millions, because Wizards are based in Kansas City, but YES millions.

We all soccer addicts, so we do love millions and numbers, don’t we?

Well, 2010 estimate population in Chhetri home country India is 1,178,774,000. If only 12 % (YES, only twelve percent) of people from this huge country know soccer, that is more soccer fans than people in Germany and Great Britain together.

Wizard have players from 14 countries, even from India.  Are they really global or what?

Beauty about United States of America is that somehow we all came here from somewhere.

Very nice and smart gentleman with same first name, Sunil Gulati  is already leader of US Soccer federation,  

Now we welcome little younger Sunil with hope that he become Wizards, perhaps MLS scoring leader.

Sunil from India successful in MLS ? Why not?

He has already soccer name



P.S. BTW Sunil Chhetri transfer to MLS could be reason for little panic in San Jose Earthquakes offices. Why? Low capacity of Buck Shaw Stadium where Earthquakes schedule to play might not be enough for large Eastern Indian population in Bay Area. No kidding. If Sunil Chhetri scores few goals, Quakes might have to move Wizards game to Oakland. Coliseum should be packed and this time all those fans might show up not to see Jimmy Conrad, Josh Wolff or New York Yankees.

Watch below VIDEO from Sunil Chhetri first press conference as MLS player

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