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Peter Nowak VIDEO proves Freddie Ljungberg diving

Peter Nowak as player won MLS Cup with Chicago Fire, as coach with D.C. United and keep proving he is a winner. PHOTO by CHRIS REIKO

Peter Nowak as player won MLS Cup with Chicago Fire, as coach with D.C. United and keep proving he is a winner. PHOTO by CHRIS REIKO


Earlier this morning Seattle Sounders star Freddie Ljungberg in response to Peter Nowak  postgame comments called them as laughable, low and pathetic.

When competitor is talking to competitor, we did’t have to wait long for Philadelphia Union coach Peter Nowak response

“Mr. Ljungberg  should stop falling down like he had been shot, and start playing like a real man. No wonder he could not play in England anymore” – said Philadelphia Union manager to www.soccerchris.com

“Some media try to defend Ljungberg so he can continue to do his old tricks like that one on last Thursday. If he would like to play without contact, I am proposing a friendly curling or badminton game”

When asked for explanation on Ljungberg action, he shouted immediately

” This is how an old man plays on artificial grass. Been there , done that felt it before”  🙂 – Nowak answered to with smile.

“Mr. Ljungberg please take look at this video below and tell us who is laughable and below the standards? – added Peter Nowak referring to this video WATCH

After video presentation,  Peter Nowak added with smile.

“I am sorry that I forgot that Mr. Ljungberg is under ” don’t touch me , don’t talk to me” rule” .

Guys this is just first week of the season, can’t wait for more….



More on Peter Nowak, Seattle Sounders and Union fans  in MLS Alphabet – Week 1

What do you thing who is right Peter Nowak or Freddie Ljungberg? – please comment below

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  1. You can easily see right at the 9 second mark that Stahl knees Ljungberg in the tailbone.

  2. You got busted big time Freddie, clear dive and Peter was 100 percent right. Credit to Nowak that he catched immediately without even looking video as we do. Nowak knows his s…t and Freddie got busted, shame on you Sounders media. GO UNION

  3. that tackle knocked freddie out of the game, sent him to the hospital for x-rays and MRIs, has kept him from rejoining training a week later (he couldn’t jog until tuesday) and will likely prevent him from playing on saturday…

    he said doctors compared the trauma to when a football player’s helmet hits a guy in the back…

  4. Is he going to throw these tantrums after every match? That’s not very manly.

  5. A single angle video? That’s what you got? When you watch that same foul from the other angle, it’s clear- he got kneed in the back. That’s how Stahl challenged all night, and after he got Montero (who was getting beat to crap 20 seconds into the game) he was properly sent off.

    The X-rays, the fact that FL sat out training, the fact that he could hardly WALK all prove that he got clobbered. You could see him limping from that moment on.

    Nowak is a thug, he’s coaching his team to be thugs because they suck, and people defending him and calling FL a diver are delusional.

  6. Ljungberg is hands down the most talented an most proven player in MLS. Who the F is Nowak to call him out. You don’t become one of Arsenal’s all time top 11 and become one of the most respected players in the EPL by diving. Philly is quickly becoming the whinners of the league. Need someone to change your diaper Philly>

  7. I don’t think this video proves much, but there is a rumor that someone is working on very entertaining video with all collection of Freddie Ljungberg MLS dives.

  8. to the person under Dons nick, can you tell us when Freddie Ljungberg won anything big, like trophy or championship? Photo above was showing Nowak with MLS cup trophy which he had won as coach in 2004 and in 1998 as Chicago Fire player. What about Ljungberg ?

  9. This video proves nothing. It only makes Nowak appear childish. Do not criticize one of the leagues “best” players when you haven’t won a game or even scored a goal in the MLS as an expansion team. I will agree that Freddy takes a bit of a spill from time to time, but Nowak needs to learn to be more composed and learn when to open his mouth. It makes his team worse in an attempt to degrade the sounders.

  10. @ Unique, are you kidding me? The dude has 2 EPL titles and 3 FA cups to his name. Oh yeah and a U.S. Open Cup with the Sounders last season. So there’s 6 trophies for ya.

  11. Yea that angle proves nothing… the accusation is laughable. And Unique way to make a stupid comment and get proven wrong.

    Get some talent before you judge it Nowak.

  12. All this Nowak vs Ljungberg nonsense started with agressive Nowak comments, but Freddie is not an angel either

  13. Everyone dives. You see the Houston and RSL game? Houston got a PK from diving. FL actually got injured. Nowak is making excuses for why his team sucks. Cant wait to watch his team lose all season.

  14. Nowak is a punk

    I’m so glad I support a team with a coach that would never stoop to such low levels and shame his team and management as Nowak has done in week one of his team’s expansion season.

    I wonder how Nowak will defend the league’s biggest flopper (Ale Moreno) when he gets called out this season. I’m looking forward to perfect contradiction from this punk, Nowak.

  15. Nowak needs to be fined / sidelined for this nonsense.

    what a tool.

  16. Nowak has more to worry about than Ljungberg’s diving. He needs to play his players (like his #1 pick) in the position they were meant to play, quit whining and start managing. Otherwise, he will be the first coach to get his walking paper this season in the MLS. It appears he is more satisfied in proving a point that means nothing now, this must be high on his list of priorities’. He needs to get a proper perspective on what his job is, and start doing it……….

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