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Fake Sigi and MLS web site disaster

You wonder what is going on with MLS official web site, I do to. Here is few detail answers presented to us by person with nick Fake Sigi

Chris Schlosser needs to be removed from his position as Director of Digital Strategy for MLS. That’s the first, and most important, head that should roll based on the disastrous launch of the new MLS web site last week. But I’m not sure MLS should stop there. The failure of the web site project exudes mistakes at every step of the process and every level of the organization, and belies a complete lack of understanding of the digital medium. Nobody has escaped unscathed – not the writers, not the designers, not the tech contractors, and not the jerks in suits who shepherded and enabled such a monumental failure.

More detail written with details by Fake Sigi and delivered to www.SoccerChris.com  by friends from SoccerAmerica

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