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MLS Alphabet – Week 2

Dejan Jakovic trying to mark player of the week Kenny Mansally. PHOTO by GETTY IMAGES

Dejan Jakovic trying to mark player of the week Kenny Mansally. PHOTO by GETTY IMAGES

By Chris Reiko


I am working to get my alphabet as short as possible, but players, refs and coaches keep me busy, I hope you enjoy 2nd week edition of MLS Alphabet 

A – for the Arrogance of Bobby Convey. “Coming out at halftime was the most embarrassing and disappointing thing that has ever happened in my career, and this is my 11th year,” said Convey, who turned pro at 16. “I don’t think it was warranted.” Convey said to The San Jose Mercury News Mark Emmons. By this statement he made Earthquakes fans furious. “What do you expected Bobby?” they are asking. “A bonus from John Doyle for those high school level performances?” 

B – Buddle, Edson – 2nd time in my alphabet, but he is on fire and after scoring two deserved goals against rivals Chivas USA. I wonder if he has a shot for this year’s WC? His smile looks good and looks like he is going to score many goals this season. His 2010 season scoring averageso far  is 1.5 goal/per game and we still have 28 matches to go. Keep going Edson. 

C – Ching, Brian – after Thursday game against RSL, he has something in common with David Beckham and unfortunately this is not size of the bank account. Ching like Beckham is also injured and likely he will miss the World Cup. The difference is that the 31 yr Hawaiian still gives us some hope that he is going to make it. Let’s face it we wish you all the best Brian, we love your game but with this type of injury and 6-7 weeks to go …..hmm stay strong, but Bob Bradley has to get ready with some alternatives. 

D – Two penalties within 3 minutes against the same goalie who specializes in catching them, is something. As the Galaxy learned in last November, Nick Rimando is considered one of the league’s best if not the best in saving penalties, but he had no chance on any of those Davis bombs. 

E – for – Espindola, Fabian RSL midfielder is lucky for not getting red card for attempting to run to the corner on full speed to hug and kiss Dynamo’s defender Bobby Boswell. All the soccer girls from Houston and Washington, know how handsome Boswell is, but c’mon Espindola kissing and hugging him in stoppage time? 

Every touch above the shoulder, should be called RED CARD, but Epindola shocked everybody including ref Jair Marrufo.  Only Marrufo knows why and what Boswell got his yellow card for on this occasion, because we don’t. Credit to both of them that in 90+ minute they can still run like that.

F – for fantastico, but only for Galaxico. The Southern Califonia derby is the so-called Superclasico. Well, this time it was poquito, 2 GOLAZOS from Edsonito and finito. 

G – Gibbs, Corry – Revs defender for playing with no pressure. “Stevie makes it easy for us, he doesn’t put a lot of pressure on us, in terms of trying to organize things,’’ Gibbs said. “He leaves it up to the experienced players to get things together. We’re not getting so much pressure from the coach and I think as a team, collectively, we’re getting things together.”  That’s how the Revolution defender describes Steve Nicol’s coaching, 

H-. for Hans, Backe Red Bulls coach, was hospitalized in Seattle in the morning prior Sounders game. Backe had stomach pain and decided to stay in the hotel, where was no Fox Soccer Channel, so he did not even watched his team on TV. Get well Hans, your stomach pain brought some luck to the team. In fact Red Bulls have been waiting for that pain to go away for almost 2 years and 27 games. It was the first Red Bulls road victory since May 2008. In exchange impressive Red Bulls made Sounders coach Sigi Schmid start complaining about his stomach for some reason after the game.   

I – for implementation of new 3 designated player rule. Who is really going to benefit from it? Galaxy, Sounders and Red Bulls for sure; Fire, United, Chivas maybe. The rest of the teams will approach this experimental rule with caution 

J – John, Collins –his name is Collins John, born in Liberia, but the Dutchman did not let us wait long for his first goal that helped Fire get point out of their excursion to Colorado. 

K – for – Kinnear, Dominic – You will take away half of his players, another half will get injured, and the rest will be suspended for cards. But as long as t the equipment manager is alive and delivers those orange jerseys,  Dominic will find 11 men. He will put the team together and always seems to find a way to win. Some may say that he got lucky with those penalties, but big time respect to Dominic, because in last few seasons there have been definitely more of those close calls going against Dynamo than in their favor. 

L – for Landin, Luis Angel – The Dynamo forward, as he showed on Thursday, can really play, but he must also lose about 10 pounds  of his weight. Then European sides will be in line to get him from Houston. Diet for Luis Angel – less tortilla and burritos, and twice as much running will make Landin am international level forward. 

M – Mansally, Kenny – what a game, what a coach, what a substitute, what a move, what a player, what a forward, and what a goals. This Gambian kid – just 21 yrs old – makes us all wonder, are we still in MLS? Already named player of the week, Mansally was shining star in Washington. Coach Nicol said after game politely that he actually sent Mansally on the pitch in 68 minute, to just help Revs keep the possession. Hm, not sure about the possession, but who cares, he scored two goals instead. I wonder what would of happen if Stevie actually ask him to score? Do they always have to listen their coaches? 

N – Nicol, Steve – with respect to all the Revs players, he is like car mechanic that from spare parts builds a vehicle that actually is running, well at least in Washington. Without Shalrie Joseph, Taylor Twellman, Edgaras Jankauskas and all that inexperience, injuries, lack of scoring threats NO problem for Stevie. Nicol is proving that he is the best MLS coach and is hard to believe that he still hasn’t won an MLS Cup. Just to remind to the younger readers, originally from Scotland Steve Nicol for 15 years was a superstar defender for Liverpool F.C. 

O – for Olave, Jamison RSL centerback, after those two plays they really like you in Houston, but I am not sure about Salt Lake. 

P – for Mexican club Puebla, you might wonder why. Puebla Futbol Club also known as Los Camoteros, and their top scorer is MLS product Herculez Gomez who scored 8 goals in just 13 games for The Sweet Potato Makers  in very competitive Mexican Bicentenario. It’s nice to see how Mexican team appreciate and promote US talents, big thank you and muchas GRACIAS Puebla. 

Q – for Quaranta Santino – “We have got to finish our chances. If we score [early], that is a really easy game for us,” said Quaranta after match with the Revolution. I agreed Santino, but are you saying “easy” game? United fans don’t care about early or not, but if, how and when you going to score? It is not going to get any easier soon, because hungry-for-points Philadelphia is waiting for you this weekend. 

United fans on RFK Stadium. PHOTO by GETTY IMAGE/MLS

United fans on RFK Stadium. PHOTO by GETTY IMAGE/MLS

R – for RFK Stadium – after disaster in Kansas City and current stage of rebuilding the team, you have to be a hard core United fan to go to the their game. United have solid base of enthusiastic fans and for about 80 minutes they didn’t even look like Kamikaze’s. A group of over almost 21,000 showed up and…..a 21-yr old guy from Gambia ruined their fiesta. We love your passion United fans, but looks like this could be long year for you at RFK. 

S – Santos, Maicon, did not score from 5 yards with pretty much an open net. I wonder, is he really from Brazil? If Canadian customs officers watched, Thursday’s game and Chivas USA go this year to MLS Cup final Maicon Santos might have visa problem. There is no way Canadian customs will believe he is Brazilian after that play. Advice for Maicon please don’t watch anymore NFL games. No kidding, from 5 yards shutting over the bar? The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL might sign Santos to do their onside kicks and extra points. 

T – for transfer approval for Sunil Chhetri – first ever player from India did not played in MLS this weekend, but he already let us know he is here and scored a hat-trick for the Wizards in 5-0 friendly win over University of Evansville. Chhetri also got his P1 visa and International Transfer Approval and he’s expected to start his MLS scoring or at least be playing on Saturday against the Rapids. 

U – for Umana, Michael – NO Manana for Umana. Chivas defender has to step up ASAP. He had rough game against the Galaxy and also did not really impress in first one against Colorado. Is coach Martin Vasquez still trusting him? We will see against Red Bulls. In a game where is no room for error for the Chivas defense, Umana must show up with his A game. After very possible third loss in a row, Vasquez might get call from Guadalajara and one his first excuses could be Umana. 

V– for Vasquez, Martin Chivas USA coach, is he really on the hotseat already? And the Red Bulls are coming. 

W – Wynne, Marvell – Don’t worry. Did you really touch Patrick Nyarko or not? Next time you are in Chicago, Fire fans own you BIG beer 🙂 – drink responsibly 

X – for unknown – How many MLS clubs are really going to use 2nd and 3rd designated player rule? What do you think? 

Y – Yellow uniform – I had worn this for the first time and probably last – said Joe Cannon after the home opener against RSL. This yellow costume brought him bad luck. Quakes not only lost 0-3 to Real, but after this the game club also imported a strong competitor for Joe Cannon’s starting spot, Jon Busch. How sweet is competing for a spot with Cannon? Jon Busch should ask former Rapids and FCD keeper Scott Garlick.  One time of course ne was accidently called by Joe Cannon just a “pepper”. Stay away from yellow Joe. 

Z – zeeeep –That is what Kasey Keller heard after Macoumba Kandji scored game winning goal over his head. What is interesting about Kandji is that he had offers to play for national teams of Senegal and Gambia and he turned them down, with hope that he will play for USA. For this upcoming WC this 24 yr old will not likely get a call, but he is a sure US national team candidate for the future. His success in MLS was well designed, so especially for Polish fans his goals are not a surprise. His first name (called Makumba) is already more popular in Poland than in USA. Famous Polish rock band Big Cyc (means Big Tit) long time ago predicted Kandji to have a successful career in soccer and recorded a song and even a video clip (see below). Quality of this video is just average, but at the time they recorded there were no HD systems. 

Enjoy the video and see you next week




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