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French soccer stars embroiled in sex scandal

Bayern Munich and French international  Franck Ribery in serious trouble. PHOTO ISI by Javier Garcia

Bayern Munich and French international Franck Ribery in serious trouble. PHOTO ISI by Javier Garcia

French police have questioned Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribéry and Lyon’s Sidney Govou as witnesses in a case of prostitution involving a minor.

“Regular” visitors to the Zaman nightclub on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Frank Ribery and Sidney Govou, according to reports in L’Equipe an AFP are under investigation focused upon one man, named “Abou”, who is reportedly the head of an under-age prostitution circuit. One particular Moroccan minor is alleged to have spent considerable time with some French footballers including Mr Ribéry.

Players lawyer insisted that after receiving questions from the trial judge the matter was closed and that the player would be subjected to no more enquiries from the judiciary.

Ribery, the 27-year-old Bayern winger converted to Islam in order to marry his Algerian wife. The couple have two daughters.

Mr Govou’s agent has claimed no wrong doing and has insisted his client, who is single but has a five-year-old daughter, ‘never set foot’ on the premises.

“My client would like to affirm he has no link whatsoever with any pimp network,” said Thierry Braillard, counsel for Mr Govou. “Sidney Govou has notably never set foot in the notorious Café Zaman in Paris.”

The offence of sexual relations with a minor in France is punishable by a €45,000 fine and a three-year jail sentence. More in The Sport Review

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