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MLS – D.C. United – Red Bulls 0-2, Angel and Ibrahim scored again

Juan Pablo Angel scored again and Red Bulls have already 5 wins in 6 games. PHOTO by Tony Quinn / isiphotos.com

Juan Pablo Angel scored again and Red Bulls have already 5 wins in 6 games. PHOTO by Tony Quinn / isiphotos.com

The Eastern Conference-leading New York Red Bulls had to sweat for their 2-0 victory over D.C. United at RFK Stadium as they absorbed the home side’s first-half pressure, but they powered through with second-half goals from Salou Ibrahim and Juan Pablo Angel.

Scoring Summary:
0-1          NY — Salou Ibrahim 2 (Dane Richards 1, Juan Pablo Angel 1) 51’
0-2          NY — Juan Pablo Angel 4 (Joel Lindpere 2) 60’

Misconduct Summary:
NY — Mike Petke (caution; Tactical Foul) 34’
DC — Santino Quaranta (caution; Simulation) 39’ 

New York Red Bulls — Bouna Coundoul, Jeremy Hall, Mike Petke, Tim Ream, Roy Miller, Dane Richards (Danleigh Borman 73), Carl Robinson, Joel Lindpere, Seth Stammler, Juan Pablo Angel (Conor Chinn 89), Salou Ibrahim (Tony Tchani 72).

D.C. United — Troy Perkins, Jordan Graye, Carey Talley, Juan Manuel Pena (Luciano Emilio 66), Rodney Wallace, Andy Najar (Jaime Moreno 56), Santino Quaranta, Kurt Morsink, Clyde Simms (Stephen King 75), Christian Castillo, Adam Cristman.

Referee: Edvin Jurisevic
Referee’s Assistants: Daniel Belleau; Claudio Badea
4th Official: David Gantar

Weather: Partly Cloudy-and-85-degrees

Attendance: 12,089



On the game

Good first half, good energy, created a lot of chances. You need to make plays on the defensive end and prevent the ball from going in the back of your net and you need to make plays on the offensive end to put the ball in the back of the other team’s net and all of a sudden you’re dictating the game like we did on Wednesday [in the Open Cup play-in match vs. Dallas]. And we were unable to do that.

On bringing in Jaime Moreno

Jaime [Moreno]’s a guy that can come in and change a game. Andy [Najar] got knocked pretty early and I thought he was struggling a little bit physically with his ankle, even as early in the first half when it happened. We wanted to bring in Jaime [Moreno] to inject some energy and change the game which is something he’s very good at.

On the difference between the first half and second half

In the second half giving up that second goal really hurt us, I thought our response wasn’t good after that. I thought there were a lot of good things to come from the first half and I do think that Clyde [Simms] fatigued and so did [Juan Manuel] Peña – they’ve been out a long time. So the fact that we got through the game healthy with them is a good sign. But there’s not a whole lot of positives to take, we’re 0-and-5. We just lost in front of our home crowd again 2-0 and that’s unacceptable.

On the loss

I think there was a good effort in the first half. I thought that we were out-competed in the second.

On leadership

You look to your veteran players to find a way to get through this nightmare stretch. You can’t expect young players to do it, it has to be the more veteran players who have to find a way – we have to find a way.

On the team’s captain

Whenever Jaime [Moreno] starts, he’s our captain and he’s a very good one. He’s someone that we believe in a lot. But when he’s coming on in a reserve capacity someone has to do the job and Carey Talley is extremely capable of that.

On the attack

We talked a lot about making sure we have more width in our attack and we certainly did that tonight. I thought we moved the ball well, I thought we made some good runs in behind. They had a really high back line and we were intelligent with our passing there. It’s just got to translate into goals and it hasn’t.


On his return to the Black-and-Red

It is a difficult situation right now, but I am happy to be back [with D.C. United]. I have to do a lot of work. I think we have to try to work together to improve this situation, and I believe we can start winning again.


On his impressions of the match

I thought we actually played really well tonight, but unfortunately it is the same story as every home game. We had our chances in the first half and were unable to finish; we gave up two soft goals in the second half and we lose the game 2-0. Honestly, it was the same result [as New England and Chicago] and the same nightmare.


On United’s lack of offensive productivity

I don’t know, I think we just aren’t creating enough chances – enough shots, really. Sometimes you just have to go for it on half-chances; anything can happen. We just have to find away from an offensive standpoint to create more chances and work together as a unit.

On conceding late goals

I don’t know – perhaps it is fitness or the humidity out there tonight has something to do with it. Ultimately we seem to break down on one play, there is a scrum in the box and one of their [New York] guys gets the ball, and before you know it we are chasing the game. When you are chasing a game at home you are always going to have to push up, and we ended up playing a 3-5-2 to try and get things forward. Unfortunately we keep giving away cheap goals, and it always seems to be one thing or the other.


On today’s performance

I think the first goal was a little bit unlucky to be honest, just the way the ball bounces out and the guy [Ibrahim] is right there. In the first half we had too many good chances not to score, and it is perplexing to see how well we played in the first half and how well we played in the mid-week game to come out the first 20 minutes of the second half and to be just flat.

On moving forward

You know, we’re just not clicking right now. Maybe we’re going to have to sacrifice some goats or some chickens, because we have to get this [losing streak] off of us. You have to stay positive, we have to keep our heads up, because we have to learn and we a young team that can learn from our mistakes.


On the result

That’s the way it goes in sports sometimes. In the end it’s a game, and we have to remember that. We have to come in here and battle through this together and look back at this stretch in the end and say we got through it.

On New York

I think that they added some pieces, but in the end we took the game to them [New York] in the first half. They were well-organized, but in the end it [the match] was there for the taking. In the first half it didn’t feel like they were going to score. They set back and played low pressure, and in the second half we knew what they were going to do. They played counterattack and waited for us to lose our shape, and that is what they did.


On the team’s performance

Sometimes we lacked quality in our passing game but the work rate to get the ball was top class and we were rewarded for it.

On where the win ranks so far in the season

It’s probably at the same level as the Seattle win.  That was the first road win for us in two years, I think. Winning away to D.C. is about the same level I would say.

On New York matching their win total from last year already

I’ve said it many times, perhaps not today, but we have around 7 out of 11 players  [from last year] that are still in the first lineup. So something has happened to us. During the preseason the work rate was top class. We have 15 points now – someone told me on the way in that we had 15 points in September last year, so it’s a difference.

On what it is the returning players have done

I think a key factor was the start of the preseason away in Spain. We started winning friendlies, which helped, because I think if we started losing friendlies after a rough season, perhaps the mentality would have gone down. Starting with friendlies in Spain versus some high profile teams and won the games – that probably made a difference.

On starting Seth Stammler on the left side

I did it to get a solid midfield. Just to get three men in central midfield. D.C. is a good combination side that likes to play through the midfield, so we tried to keep it as narrow as possible.

On adjusting to the heat

In a way, we had to take one of the strikers to drop back and play as a second striker. We were defending in a way with five midfielders which helped us not run out of gas.

On the status of goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul

He’s been training a lot with goal kicks, but it’s a groin problem [laughs] so instead of doing it today [taking goal kicks] we had Tim Ream take the goal kicks.


On the game

We played well and we were battling. It’s a game we should have won going into it and we got it done.

On adjustments in the second half

The sun and the heat in the first half played a big role. They [United] are a team that has their back against the wall. I said coming in that we have to be aggressive in trying to get that win and we weathered the storm and did it. In the second half we just came out and came out for blood to be honest with you. We just went after it and they pushed more guys forward in the end and we dealt with it.

On already having five wins

To be honest with you, I just can’t get over the fact that we have five wins. Maybe we’ll sit down tonight and think about that. To be 5-1 in the first 6 games really puts ourselves in a good situation for the rest of the season. It’s unbelievable.


On his overall play

I said that I want to play and it’s getting better and better every week. I’m not going to take it easy. I’m just going to continue working hard – it’s still not perfect.

On the difference after the half

Well I think we came in at the end of the first half thinking we were still in the game. We thought we should just stay in the game and after 10-15 minutes into the second half I scored. We had control after that. It was a perfect win for us.

On the mentality of the team

It’s the strength of the club. Mentally, we’re very, very strong. It comes also from the head coach, he is very strong and very relaxed and doesn’t put too much pressure on the players. It comes forward to the players, how relaxed he is. That’s very important. It helps us when we get to the field and we stay in the games and in the end we’ve been getting the three points, which is important for us.

On his goal

I saw the ball coming from the right, so I thought as the first striker in the 18 I have to go to the near post. So I went to the near post, shot the ball, the ball was blocked but on the line, so I just had to finish it off.

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