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MLS Alphabet – WEEK 6

“It’s close, I keep feeling that it’s going to happen and it’s getting better and better" – by saying that Sounders FC goalie Kasey Keller already won sexiest MLS quote of the week. PHOTO by Brad Smith / isiphotos.com

“It’s close, I keep feeling that it’s going to happen and it’s getting better and better" – by saying that Sounders FC goalie Kasey Keller already won sexiest MLS quote of the week. PHOTO by Brad Smith / isiphotos.com


Sexy and “criminal” comments in Seattle, is Petke a Red Bull or shark? Ref Gontarek responding to Steve Nicol request. Peter Nowak and running Union, Kasey Keller and Sigi’s expectations. Less quesadilla for Landin and Dario Sala in my MLS Alphabet Week-6  

A – Appiah, Samuel – Appiah, Samuel – another young Houston Dynamo midfielder. Great goal in his MLS debut shows that almost every Dominic Kinnear rookie that this genius coach send on the pitch will find way to score. Great recruiting Dom. Sam Appiah is originally from Ghana, and is  one of the examples why we need immigration reform in US as soon as possible. Unbelievably, he has to go to court to be able to stay in US legally. Appiah is very ambitious and he hopes to get call from very competitive Ghanaian national team. He already is is daring Black Stars coach Milovan Rajevac to come over to the US to monitor his MLS games. Appiah admits making it to the World Cup this year will be difficult but he is hopeful of impressing the technical handlers after the South Africa tournament.
“I want the technical handlers to come over to the USA to watch what I am actually made of up of. I concede there is massive competition in the midfield department of the Ghana team but I believe in myself and know I will make a significant impact when given the chance”.  

B – Blood, or rather smelling blood in D.C. “The second half we came out and smelled the blood, to be honest with you, and went after it,” Mike Petke said after 2nd half D.C. United execution by New York Red Bulls. Petke plays for Red Bulls, but he sounds like real shark !  

C – Curt Onalfo is he the only one to blame for D.C. United worse start in 15 yr club history ?  

DC United Head Coach Curt Onalfo. PHOTO by Jose L. Argueta / isiphotos.com

DC United Head Coach Curt Onalfo. PHOTO by Jose L. Argueta / isiphotos.com

“There aren’t a whole lot of positives to take, we are 0-5. We just lost in front of our home crowd again. It’s unacceptable.” United Coach Curt Onalfo said after been punished 2-0 by Red Bulls. He is right, current results are unacceptable for very loyal D.C. fans. Juan Manuel Pena and Luciano Emilio, presence on the field did not provided any sparks. What is next for D.C. team? The Wizards, the team that beat them in season opener 4-0. Let’s hope in the rematch at RFK they are going to be little more polite to Onalfo’s team. But he coached them before and some of the Kansas City players were not really in love with him. Uhh, could be bloody again at RFK.  

D – DeLaGarza, A.J. – Galaxy defender. “I already told Seitz I’m saving my first goal of the year for him,” said DeLaGarza BEFORE the Galaxy vs Union game. It took only 53 seconds for DeLaGarza to make his promises real and he scored, against his former University of Maryland teammate Chris Seitz, who today is a Philly’s goalkeeper. His dream has been fulfilled, and Seattle fans are already afraid what promises A.J. has for them.  

E – Edson Buddle –  all the MLS goalies and defenders are about to write a petition to Bob Bradley with the clear message PLEASE TAKE Edson to the World Cup, so they will have some breathing room when playing Galaxy. Despite his joke of using his boot to call Bob Bradley, his hope and take on his chances to go to South Africa sounds optimistic, but realistic at the same time. “The national team coaches are always watching,” Buddle said. “Being in the program so long, they know who I am. So it’s not like they’re unfamiliar of how I play. You’ve just got to keep working hard. You can’t just be a little bit better than the guy to take anyone’s position. My dad always told me you’ve got to be three times better than the next person to take the next step forward.” 3 times better? In Seattle they say not this Saturday please.  

F – FC Dallas, how much man advantage do they need to beat ANY opponent? FCD played over 23 minutes with 2 man advantage against a Revolution squad full of rookies and youngsters, and somehow they manage not to score the game winning goal. Schellas, you really have to change something ASAP. Fans, writers, players love Hyndman as FCD head coach, but most of them agreed that he would not win much with his current assistant, John Ellinger. He was replaced as RSL’s head coach after two losing seasons, followed by a winless start in the first month of his third year. Ellinger’s overall record with the club was 15-37-16, so from 68 games he won 15. Sure Ellinger is a knowledgeable, nice person, but he does not know much about winning. With all the respect he is not a winner.  

Jeff Gontarek showed 12 cards. PHOTO by Howard C Smith / isiphotos.com

Jeff Gontarek showed 12 cards. PHOTO by Howard C Smith / isiphotos.com


G – Gontarek, Jeff – referee that in Revolution vs FC Dallas game showed total 12 cards, including 2 reds to the Revs. He beat Ricardo Salazar accomplishment from week ago by 1 card. Gontarek just wanted to make sure that Steve Nicol doesn’t complain that not enough was done to protect his players.   

H –Husidic, Baggio – second time in my MLS Alphabet, but promising 22 yr added another goal. He was named by his father “Baggio” after Italian superstar Roberto Baggio and sure that helped him became a soccer player. Real Roberto Baggio’s close friend, FSC analyst Chris Sullivan, cannot wait to announce Chicago Fire games this season. It could be lots of love and Baggiomania on the air.  

I- “I just can’t get over the fact that we’re 5-1,” said defender Mike Petke, the franchise’s all-time leader in games played and losses at RFK. Lately Petke is very vocal, but even he has to admit that this year to get points at RFK is easier than ever.  

J – Jack McInerney – one of the Union players that goes to the end and he scored his first MLS goal, a diagonal 16-yard shot that Fred set up with a solo run. We had better remember his name. McInerney is just 17 years old but he already has 4 MLS appearances for Union and 1 goal. He was member of US national team Under-15 and for Under-17 where he scored 2 goals in the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup. McInerney scoring average for U-17 NT is very impressive, in 15 games, the Alpharetta, Georgia native scored 11 goals. Welcome to PRO soccer, welcome to MLS. He is our future.   

K- Keller, Kasey – Sounders FC goalkeeper – said “It’s close, I keep feeling that it’s going to happen and it’s getting better and better – by saying that Keller already won sexiest MLS quote of the week, perhaps of the season. Sounders tied with Crew and after he added “But better and better without the victories doesn’t really mean a whole lot” Keller said.  

L- Lenhart, Steven – great header and nice goal that gave valuable point to the Columbus Crew team and you might wonder if there was anything “criminal” about this incident.  Well it was. “We fell asleep,” “It was elementary mistakes on the goal. Lenhart is their best header on the ball, and to have him be unmarked in the box is criminal.” – said Sigi Schmid. Next Saturday can very easily get even more criminal for Sounders the defense, because red hot Edson Buddle is coming to Seattle with his Galaxy, so watch out for criminals, someone may get arrested.   

M- Miglioranzi, Stefani – Union midfielder for his BAD red card. I am not sure that he was pissed off at Galaxy manager Bruce Arena for getting rid of him or what his reason was, but his bad tackle might even cost serious injury of US soccer superstar Landon Donovan. USMNT captain Donovan looked little shocked too after that tackle by his former teammate, Miglioranzi, but thanks God our best player LD is good. Stefani is lucky, because things might be a lot worse for him if you could of hurt LD. Can you imagine that? The whole US soccer nation will hate him forever. Don’t you EVER, ever do it again Stefani, regardless of your feelings about Bruce and the Galaxy.  

N – Nicol, Steve – Revolution head coach. Be careful what you wish for, almost exactly week ago Steve Nicol was complaining about officiating, saying that refs not protecting enough his young player Sainey Nyassi. Officiating department immediately reacted to his request. This week Revs got referee Jeff Gontarek, who really keeps his hands on his cards all the time. Gontarek took Steve Nicol instructions little too seriously and tried to protect everybody including FC Dallas coaching seat and he showed 12 cards, and unfortunately 2 reds to New England players. Did not really matter, Revs are organized and solid even with 9 man on the field, so game end up with draw. Just to shut up Nyassi, he got his yellow too 🙂  

O – Olave, Jamison – RSL defender. “He was a monster” said his coach Jason Kreis, after Olave scored go ahead goal for Utah team. Yes he was a monster and all Utah fans wish they can say that more often.   

P – Peter Nowak – Union coach made another unpopular and by some controversial move.  

Peter Nowak to his players run, run, run. PHOTO by Tony Quinn / isiphotos.com

Peter Nowak to his players run, run, run. PHOTO by Tony Quinn / isiphotos.com


After his Union lost 1-2 in US Open Cup to the Red Bulls, he made his team run extra around the field for about 20 minutes. “I just won’t tolerate half,” Nowak explained later. “If you don’t enjoy playing on the field, you will enjoy running. And if you don’t run during the game, you could run after the game.  

Q- Quesadilla, less quesadilla for Landin = more goals for Dynamo. Que paso Mexico – said Dynamo striker Mexican international Luis Angel Landin after scoring his first of the season against Wizards. Houston head coach Dominic Kinnear followed MLS Alphabet instructions about diet for his forward and Landin already looked a lot better on Saturday. Is Dom monitoring his diet?  

R- Running, running and running that is what Union players learned last week. Knowing Peter Nowak for quarter century, I can tell you Union players you had better start working hard and playing up to your potential with your heart. Otherwise, with no effort on the pitch, you are going to keep running after games. 

S – Sala, Dario – FC Dallas goalie for a ridiculous error. Argentinean was simply jealous of Kei Kamara getting over quarter million hits on youtube for his comical error, so he tried to made even more spectacular one. I wonder who will try to beat their records next week.   

“I think he had the intent of letting it ride out and then he recognized that the play was a little bit quicker and the turf was holding the ball up,” FCD coach Hyndman said. “He tried to do a push, but you have to give [Dube] credit for getting around him.” Those EXCUSES are good for young Chris Seitz, but for 35 years old goalie with over 16 years pro experience like Sala? Guys, please stop this Youtube record competition, I know is lots of fun, but some coaches might not like it. 

T – Toronto FC coach Preki, he must read my MLS Alphabet, because last week I mentioned where TFC would be without De Rosario.  

Toronto FC head coach Preki. PHOTO by Nick Turchiaro / isiphotos.com

Toronto FC head coach Preki. PHOTO by Nick Turchiaro / isiphotos.com


I am not sure Preki is reading my piece or not, but he decided to show us TFC without DeRo againt RSL. And now he is already questioned by TFC fans about starting his highest paid players Dwayne De Rosario and Julian De Guznam on the bench, cause clearly Preki’s experiment did not worked well in Utah. “They came in to get a 0-0, and now you’re down a goal, so now what?” said Real captain Kyle Beckerman. Kyle is right. DeRo and De Guzman on the bench, now what? They get in after break, but Real was already up 2-0, which explains us TFC value without DeRo. He scored from a late penalty but it was too little, too late.  

U – United and Union, they are unified on the bottom of Eastern Conference table, both teams seem to have something in common. Great, extremely loyal fans and a really long way to go.   

V – Viagra, specific or some similar replacement is needed badly in United, Union and FC Dallas locker rooms.   

W- for Wondolowski, Chris – Earthquakes striker for his 3rd goal in 3rd start. He is already called Wondoful, Wondo and Wondo-goal by Quakes fans.  His beautiful game winning goal against Rapids was impressive, even by some called little offside. Come on guys, when scoring goal of the week candidate with a great one touch volley, he had no idea about offside. What is interesting about 26 yr Wondolowski, he already has been watched by Polish scouts. Watch out Bob Bradley, cause he is American, but with Polish last name and roots. Naturalizing foreign players for Polish soccer federation is piece of cake. After Nigerian Emmanuel Olisadebe (scored against US in 2002 WC) and Brazilian Roger Guerreiro, recently Poland NT naturalized originally French Ludovic Obraniak. He was born in France and plays for Lille, but his grandparents are Polish. It did not take them long in Poland to get him Polish passport and he became NT regular and has already 8 caps and 2 goals. Is Wondo the next Polish target? 

X – How big are the adjustments Seattle Sounders will have to make to meet Sigi Schmid’s expectation of getting 6 points out of two home games against Crew (oops) and Galaxy? I really love Sounders FC fans enthusiasm, great stadium and atmosphere there, but in my estimate in current form getting 4 points for Seattle could be miracle, 2 would be lucky, but 1 will be reality check in Seattle. Let’s wait until Saturday. Landon and Edson are gonna be ready. 

Y-  “YES, I agree with coach Nowak, about this running after the game, they are actually lucky that Peter is their coach not me, because if is up to me I will make them run even more – said Union GM and Peter Nowak boss Nick Sakiewicz. I wonder how many college players want to be drafted by the Union next year? They’d better be ready for running. 

Z- Zack Schilawski, good forward has to be at right place at right time and his speed and vision let him be there. I am sure this could be one of the funniest goal of his carrier, but it counts. Way to go Zack   

Chris Reiko   


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