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Hans Backe Red Bulls head coach postgame VIDEO

MLS New York Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe during postgame interviews with Chris Reiko and ESPN Jeff Carlisle after losing to San Jose Earthquakes 0-4 on Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara May 8, 2010. VIDEO by CHRIS REIKO

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9 comments on “Hans Backe Red Bulls head coach postgame VIDEO

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  2. michael on said:

    wow Backe certainly has his players backs, gotta love that. But, come on Sassano looked bad even before the red card, bad decision, Tchani played nervous and hopefully wont see the field again this year, and Ream must have started believing all the headlines. JPA needs some help other than Lindpere, Robinson’s knee is done and we need to look elsewhere.

  3. Hey this is a great video. I’m going to email this to my friends. I stumbled on this while surfing for some free downloads, I’ll be sure to visit regularly. thanks for sharing.

  4. Who you suggesting Michael? It was just one bad game and mostly because rookie got red card in 13 minutes. I really think that with a little improvement on the middle Red Bulls going to be strong. In my opinion Tony Tchani had decent game, remember he is rookie and with 10 man on the field is not easy handling middle. I appreciate your comment.

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