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Treasurer from Cyprus with evidence of corruption in UEFA EURO 2012 tournament

No comments, so far from UEFA President Michel Platini, about Spyros Marangos evidence of corruption at EURO 2012 hosts selection. PHOTO UEFA.com

By Chris Reiko

Spyros Marangos, treasurer of the Cyprus Football Association, confirms that he has evidence of corruption in the selection of Poland and Ukraine as the organizers of the European Championships in 2012. The game would consist of the amount of eleven million EUROs. UEFA denies.

According to Spyros Marangos revelations, in transaction to “sell” the rights to host Euro 2012 was implicated at least five members of the UEFA Executive Committee. Marangos stating that “transactions” was executed in one of the law firms office located in Cyprus, and amount of 11 million EUROs was mentioned. Marangos said that he inform about entire case, the authorities of UEFA a few months ago.

Marangos wanted and requested meeting with UEFA officials, but guess what….

Marangos hoped that the matter will be released this summer. On August 24, he had scheduled appointment with the chairman of the UEFA Disciplinary Peter Limacher, who is also implicated in a corruption case in Germany. The meeting however was canceled four days earlier.

– At the request of my superiors, I have to give up the fixed deadline. Of course, we will cover all costs and purchased a plane ticket, etc. I would also appreciate it if I can get from you any documents or other evidence – German newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” quoted a e-mail that Limacher sent to Marangos.  For some reason further contacts did not happen.

On April 18, 2007, members of the UEFA Executive Committee chose Poland and Ukraine as the Euro 2012 organizers, recognizing that the joint candidature of these countries is better than the Italian and Croatian-Hungarian.

On Wednesday October 20,2010 FIFA temporarily suspended two members of the Executive Committee who are suspected that they were ready to sell their votes during elections hosts the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. What are we going to learn next about FIFA and UEFA?

Chris Reiko

story is based on PAP, Puls Biznesu, Univision, AFP, TVN24,  Kurier and TOKFM.pl

You can contact author at ChrisReiko@hotmail.com

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