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Home / EURO 2012 / Spyros Marangos vs UEFA in EURO 2012 corruption scandal – 11 million EUROs inside big teddy bear

Spyros Marangos vs UEFA in EURO 2012 corruption scandal – 11 million EUROs inside big teddy bear

Every time Spyros Marangos speaks, EURO 2012 corruption case is getting more interesting. PHOTO Reuters

Every time Spyros Marangos speaks, EURO 2012 corruption case is getting more interesting. PHOTO Reuters

By Chris Reiko

Former treasurer of the Cyprus Football Association Spyros Marangos, had deadline until Wednesday to reveal evidence on alleged corruption in the choice of the organizers of Euro 2012. Cypriot activist didn’t do it, because he “does not trust. UEFA “.He announced, however, that produces the documents in this case he will present before the Cyprus national judicial system.

He added that he would only be prepared to go to court in Cyprus.

“We are on EU soil,” he said. “Our court is European. Let them come here.”

He added: “The aim is for the truth to come to light.”

Marangos said that in the selection process of the Euro 2012 organizers came to corruption. In his view, the sum of the bribes amounted to 11 million. Polish activists were not involved in the matter, but a Cypriot company, which he specified “represent Ukrainian interests.”
According to the Romanian media in case of corruption is involved Mircea Sandu, president of the Romanian federation. He was to receive 2 million euros in return for supporting the Polish and Ukrainian candidacy. Sandu denied this information and announced that he will take Marangos (which meant that there was a suspicion of such) to the court.
Also, UEFA has already announced that soon will take legal action against Marangos for breach of good image of the federation.

Sharp, aggressive statements by Marangos, who has publicly said a few days of bribery concerning the organization of Euro 2012, quickly circulated throughout the world. In the words of a former treasurer of the federation are primarily upset supporters and activists in Poland and Ukraine.

Polish and Ukrainian officials have dismissed any allegations of wrongdoing, they describing Marangos’ accusations as slander.

“Poland has nothing to do with that” – assuring in Polish TV soccer talk show “Futbol Café” Zbigniew Boniek, former Polish soccer star, by the way for over 28 years very close friend with…… his former teammate and happens to be current UEFA President Michel Platini. Between years 1982 and 1985, magic duo Boniek and Platini played together for Italian powerhouse Juventus. Boniek inside Polish Football Association has way more opponents than supporters, and he lost last Poland FA President election to 1974 World Cup top scorer Grzegorz Lato.

In short inverview with Polish newspaper Fakt, Marangos also confirmed that Poland has nothing to do with this corruption scandals. Polish media investigating case deeply, working 24/7 to pull as much as they can from Marangos, Cyprus and from wherever they can about the scandals.

Teddy bear full of CASH

Marangos, doesn’t seem to be under pressure and he is peacefully giving further details. By his another statement, one of the activists of the UEFA Executive Committee has already accepted more than 3 million euros, and the remaining three about 2 million. Marangos already told media, that money has been handed to them inside big teddy bear.

This case involves people from so many countries, and if proven could be the most international corruption soccer scandal ever.

The Italians, who lost to the Polish and Ukraine to host Euro 2012 Championship tournament already increasingly putting pressure, they want to take more intensely demanding movement on the part of the President of UEFA – Michel Platini. Ironically, Platini made tons of money in Italy, but legally. Platini for over 5 years played for Italian club Juventus, and he has been always loyal to the Italians. Right after 2007 voting on EURO 2012 occur, he actually admitted that he voted for Italy.

No comments, so far from UEFA President Michel Platini, about Spyros Marangos evidence of corruption at EURO 2012 hosts selection. PHOTO UEFA.com

No comments, so far from UEFA President Michel Platini, about Spyros Marangos evidence of corruption at EURO 2012 hosts selection. PHOTO UEFA.com

However, on UEFA vs. MarangosGATE, so far Frenchman Platini is silent.

Just wonder if Spyros Marangos is in possession of the mentioned big teddy bear or at least his photo. You may say, who cares? By now mentioned big teddy bear is already empty. True, but…

Crazy about soccer / football British media, already keep eye not only on FIFA offices and officials,  as well as on big teddy bears. Why English are so nervous after Marangos case? What they are looking for? England is one of the candidate to host FIFA World Cup in 2018, as we all know the Brits love football (soccer), and they just want to make sure that this time teddy bear doesn’t travel wrong direction. 

Nowadays who wouldn’t like big teddy bears? Especially before December 2, 2010.

Chris Reiko

This story is based on PAP, Reuters,TVN24, Polsat, Gazeta Wyborcza, Fakt reports

You can contact author at ChrisReiko@hotmail.com or you can follow him on Twitter @ChrisReiko

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