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CONCACAF Gold Cup – USA vs. Canada 2-0 – USMNT Post Match Quotes

CONCACAF Gold Cup – USA vs. Canada 2-0 – USMNT Post Match Quotes

U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Bob Bradley and Carlos Bocanegra, Michael Bradley, Tim Ream, Tim Howard, Landon Donovan, Juan Agudelo discuss the team’s 2-0 win against Canada in the Group C opener at the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

7 June 2011: USA head coach Bob Bradley during the CONCACAF soccer match between USA MNT and Canada MNT at Ford Field Detroit, Michigan. PHOTO Rick Osentoski / ISIPhotos.com

7 June 2011: USA head coach Bob Bradley during the CONCACAF soccer match between USA MNT and Canada MNT at Ford Field Detroit, Michigan. PHOTO Rick Osentoski / ISIPhotos.com

U.S. MNT head coach BOB BRADLEY

On the match:
“I think it’s a good start. From the moment the group was put together and the first game was Canada, we expected a tough match because this is a good Canadian team. When you get into a tournament you need to keep growing. There are some good staring points and things for us to build on.”

On the performance of Jozy Altidore:

“For confidence, it’s a good game for Jozy. The movement that led to the first goal and, obviously, the ball that he put across for Clint’s goal were both great plays. When you go through a stretch with your club team where you’re not always playing regularly and not getting goals, in terms of confidence this was very important.”

On the play of Clarence Goodson and Tim Ream:

“We feel that it’s a good combination. They played together in the friendly in South Africa., and as we’ve gone through training we feel the balance between the two is good. In the second half of Spain there were a lot of positives in terms of their. For us that was one of the highlights of the night, because I think it was good game for both of them.”

On the play of Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones:

“The two of them set the tone in the first half. Together they pushed the team, closed things down, passed the ball well, and mixed up the passes. In terms of what we wanted at the beginning of the game, that was very good.”

On the slow start to the second half:

“In the second half we were not sharp in the beginning. When we were able to get the second goal, I didn’t think we did a good job of finishing the game out. Tim Howard made two great saves down the stretch so we could keep a clean sheet. As you move through the tournament, it’s absolutely essential those things improve.”

USMNT defender Carlos Bocanegra. PHOTO Brad Smith / ISIPhotos.com

USMNT defender Carlos Bocanegra. PHOTO Brad Smith / ISIPhotos.com


On what needs to be done against Panama:

“We need to be a little bit better possessing the ball moving forward so we don’t lose the ball cheaply and get countered. We have to come out with the same energy and put them on their heels like we did to Canada. I think we had four or five corners in the first 10 minutes of the game.”

On the importance of the match:

“We always knew the first game of a tournament is important. We knew that they were going to have energy so we matched that energy. Credit to the guys, we came out and pressed and tried to get at them early and create some chances and the goal eventually came out of it. In the second half we got a little bit tired so we have to work on keeping the ball.”

On coming off of the Spain loss:

“We just wanted to come out and prove that we can play hard as a team and prove that we’re the top team in CONCACAF. That’s what we want to prove more than anything.”

USMNT Michael Bradley. PHOTO Rick Osentoski / ISIPhotos.com

USMNT Michael Bradley. PHOTO Rick Osentoski / ISIPhotos.com


On the match:

“We wanted to come out and really set the tone from the first minute. I thought we were able to really do a good job of closing them down and making the game hard on them. I think that really set the tone for the game. It was a real team job as well. It started with the guys up front. I thought the work of Landon and Clint to stay connected with the midfield was really good, and I thought the guys in the back were real sharp as well. And it goes without saying that Timmy comes up with saves whenever we need them.”

On his partnership with Jermaine Jones:

“We made it a difficult game for them in the center of the field. With the ball the understanding continues to get better with the rotation and the little moves off of each other. It was certainly something to build on. Like anything it needs time. I think there were some positives from tonight. Certainly some things to look back on and say ah, that could have been a little bit better. It’s a tournament now and still at the end of the day the most important things are the results and we are pleased with how we came out tonight and were able to come away with a really good win.”

On Jozy Altidore:

“Jozy is an important guy for our team. Over the years, whether it has been qualifying, Confederations Cup or the World Cup, I think he’s shown that he’s a big guy on our team. We count on him and in a lot of ways he plays a big part in our success. There may be times when maybe the goals don’t come but even on those days he gives our team a lot. All you need to look at for that is the World Cup. He wasn’t able to score but his overall contribution to the team every game was big. He’s a guy that does a lot for us and we count on him and for him to get a goal tonight was good for him and is good for us.”

U.S. defender TIM REAM

On how the veterans have helped the new players:
“It helps me out a ton. Having Clarence next to me, and then Carlos on my left and even Stevie out right. They give me little pointers here and there and the communication is so good back there that you always know when you have cover and when a guys coming. They are still big parts of the team.”

On Tim Howard’s saves:
“It’s unbelievable. It’s Timmy being Timmy. He comes up with the big saves when he has to. As long as we do our job for the most part, he’s going to bail us out once or twice and he did it again tonight.”

On if he was surprised to get the start:
“It being the first Gold Cup I’m a part of, first Gold Cup game, but Clarence and I have formed a pretty good partnership and you know, we talked to bob and the assistant coaches yesterday and a little bit on Sunday and with the discussions we had I wasn’t too surprised.”

U.S. goalkeeper TIM HOWARD

On the team’s mindset transitioning from Spain to Canada:
“The last couple of days around the hotel and on the training ground. The atmosphere was really good in the hotel, training was really upbeat. We got into the dressing room early and there was a toughness about us that we were ready for this game. There was no hangover. We’re in a weird situation in CONCACAF because we play a lot of top teams around the world, and we’re hunting them all the time. Then you come into CONCACAF and, for better or worse, we’re the hunted. It takes on a different mindset and I think equally you have to be hard, you have to be tough and you can’t take anything for granted. Tonight our mindset was right.”

U.S. midfielder LANDON DONOVAN

On the game:

“It was important for a lot of us to get on the field. This first game of the tournament is important and we did a good job tonight.”

On the energy of the U.S. team in the first half:
“We wanted to make sure early on in the game that they knew that this was not a game they could win. We wanted to take the air out of their sails right away.”

On the outstanding saves by Tim Howard:
“There was a corner after the save he made late in the second half and they showed a replay. I glanced up and saw it. He could barely see the ball and he still got a hand on it. It was unbelievable. We rely on him to make plays like that, and tonight he made them.”

On getting his first game in the Gold Cup:
“It gives you confidence when playing in a big tournament to get your first game in. It’s good for any player’s confidence. I’m just glad we got the win tonight.”

On the play of Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones:
“They’re great players. They have great vision and play good balls. When we needed possession they were there. When we needed defense in the middle they were there. They worked their butts off today.”

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