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Chelsea and Real Madrid leading runners in the race for Neymar, but his final destinations still a mystery – VIDEO

Chelsea and Real Madrid leading runners in the race for Neymar, but his final destinations still a mystery – VIDEO

Price of Brazilian 19 years old Neymar goes up every day. PHOTO Joe Toth / ISIPhotos.com

Price of Brazilian forward, 19 years old Neymar going up every day. PHOTO Joe Toth / ISIPhotos.com

By Andrew Langat

Real Madrid or Chelsea, perhaps some other European powerhouse who will get Neymar?

This is the question every football pundit is wondering about. The man at the center of the saga is the prodigy Santos player Neman da Silva Santos Júnior. It is common knowledge that when Real Madrid wants a player, they get the player, Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and mostly recently Cristiano Ronaldo are some examples, but Chelsea is willing to go all the way to land the Neymar at the Stamford Bridge.

Andrew Langat - Soccer with Chris

Andrew Langat for Soccer with Chris

All previous indications were that Neymar was headed for Chelsea; enter Real Madrid, and the ball game changed all together. Neymar Agent Ernesto Bronzetti is not helping either, his recent statement are self-contradictory.

This has helped to fuel speculations on where Neymar final destination is. The latest report is that he was ‘miss-quoted’ by the Italian media about his remarks that Neymar had ‘signed’ for Real Madrid.

He had apparently told Sky Italia that the move to Real Madrid was ‘practically done’. Neymar refuted this claims when he landed at Montevideo for the Copa Libertadores final against Penarol –  writes Tom Kinslow on Bleacher Report . Both clubs; Real Madrid and Chelsea have strong financial Muscles, there money league is an envy to other clubs. Neymar is a jewel that will surely be sold to the highest bidder.

Chelsea has increased its bid for Neymar to £30 million and a salary of £70,000 per week for the player. Real Madrid has not publically disclosed its fees but it is believed to be in the same range as Chelsea’s.

Chelsea and by extension, Roman Abramovich have identified Neymar as their number one target for the summer, and failure to land him at the bridge will likely  bring more frustration to the club as they bid to build a new team, with a Brazilian flavor, inspired by the performances of the Brazilian imports Ramirez and David Luiz.

Real Madrid on the other hand, has quality players, and figuring where Neymar will fit in their loaded midfield, dominated by Ozil, Ronaldo, Kaka, and Khedira is difficult. It seems that Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid top brass 5-0 demolition by Barcelona, is still very clear at the back of their minds, and they are willing to pay any price to end Barca domination in Spain, and Europe. In Neymar, such possibility is feasible.

The coming days promise to be ripe with melodrama concerning Neymar; big money will surely be spent on him. This clip underscores why Neymar is increasingly likened to the great master Pele.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Born February 5, 1992 in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil

Position Midfielder


Santos                         2003- present

Neymar Career Highlights


v  Copa do Brazil 2010

v  Campeonato Paulista 2010 and 2011


v  South America youth championships 2011

Personal honors

v  Brazilian Golden Boot 2010

v  South American Youth Championship 2011

v  Sao Paulo Player of State League 2010&2011

v  The Brazilian Cup top scorer 2010.


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