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CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – Schedule, Group Stage Results and Standings

CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – Schedule, Group Stage Results and Standings

A second-half stoppage time goal by Juninho lifted the LA Galaxy to a dramatic 2-1 win against Morelia on Wednesday, rejuvenating its chances of reaching the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals.

Colorado revived its CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals hopes with a 3-1 victory over Metapan on Wednesday, getting goals from lightly used regulars Eddie Ababio, Quincy Amarikwa and Omar Cummings to climb into second place in Group B.

Tauro FC scored four second-half goals to defeat nine-man FC Dallas 5-3 in a CONCACAF Champions League Group C encounter at Estadio Rommel Fernandez Wednesday night.

Santos joined Seattle in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League, getting an early second-half goal by Carlos Ochoa and holding on for a 1-1 draw Real Espana on Wednesday. 

The Group Stage started with the first round August 16-18 and finish with the sixth round of matches October 18-20.

The Group Stage of the CONCACAF Champions League will feature five teams from Major League Soccer, four from the United States for the first time, and not one club from the Caribbean.

CONCACAF Champions League

Preliminary Round
July 26-28
Second Leg: August 2-4
(Teams on left host first leg)

Motagua (HON) vs. Municipal (GUA) 4-0 and 0-2
Morelia vs. Tempete (Haiti) 5-0 and 2-0
Isidro Metapan (SLV) vs. Puerto Rico Islanders 2-0 and 1-2
Santos Laguna (MEX) vs. Olimpia (HON) 3-1 and 1-2
Alianza (SLV) vs. FC Dallas (USA) 0-1 and 0-1
Toronto FC vs. Real Esteli (Nicaragua) 2-1 and 2-1 (4-2 on aggregate)
San Francisco (PAN) vs. Seattle Sounders (USA) 1-0 and 0-2 (1-2 on aggregate)
Herediano (CRC) vs. Alpha United (Guyana) 8-0  and 2-2

Group Stage
First Round: August 16-18
Second Round: August 23-25
Third Round: September 13-15
Fourth Round: September 20-22
Fifth Round: September 27-29
Sixth Round: October 18-20

All Times U.S. Eastern (Home teams listed first)CONCACAF Champions League Logo

Round 1
Tuesday, August 16
Santos Laguna (MEX) vs. Real España (HON) 3-2 
Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) vs. Motagua (HON) 2-0
Alajuelense (CRC) vs. Morelia (MEX) 1-0
Seattle Sounders (USA) vs. Comunicaciones (GUA) 4-1

Wednesday, August 17
Herediano (CRC) vs. Monterrey (MEX) 0-5
Pumas UNAM (MEX) vs. FC Dallas (USA) 0-1
Colorado Rapids (USA) vs. Metapán (SLV) 3-2

Thursday, August 18
Tauro (PAN) vs. Toronto FC (CAN) 1-2

Round 2
Tuesday, August 23
Monterrey (MEX) vs. Seattle Sounders (USA) 0-1
Real España (HON) vs. Colorado Rapids (USA) 1-1
Comunicaciones (GUA) vs. Herediano (CRC) 2-0 

Wednesday, August 24
Toronto FC (CAN) vs. FC Dallas (USA) 0-1
Metapán (SLV) vs. Santos Laguna (MEX) 2-0 

Thursday, August 25
Tauro (PAN) vs. Pumas UNAM (MEX) 0-0
Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) vs. Alajuelense (CRC) 2-0
Morelia (MEX) vs. Motagua (HON) 4-0

Round 3
Tuesday, September 13
Morelia (MEX) vs. Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) 2-1
Real España (HON) vs. Metapán (SLV) 1-2 
Colorado Rapids (USA) vs. Santos Laguna (MEX) 1-4

Wednesday, September 14
FC Dallas (USA) vs. Tauro (PAN) 1-1
Pumas UNAM (MEX) vs. Toronto FC (CAN) 4-0
Herediano (CRC) vs. Seattle Sounders (USA) 1-2
Comunicaciones (GUA) vs. Monterrey (MEX) 1-0

Thursday, September 15
Motagua (HON) vs. Alajuelense (CRC) 2-4

Round 4
Tuesday, September 20
Toronto FC (CAN) vs. Tauro (PAN) 1-0
Monterrey (MEX) vs. Comunicaciones (GUA) 3-1
Seattle Sounders (USA) vs. Herediano (CRC) 0-1

Wednesday, September 21
FC Dallas (USA) vs. Pumas UNAM (MEX) 0-2
Colorado Rapids (USA) vs. Real España (HON) 1-2
Alajuelense (CRC) vs. Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) 1-0 

Thursday, September 22
Santos Laguna (MEX) vs. Metapán (SLV) 6-0
Motagua (HON) vs. Morelia (MEX) 0-2

Round 5
Tuesday, September 27
Toronto FC (CAN) vs. Pumas UNAM (MEX) 1-1
Comunicaciones (GUA) vs. Seattle Sounders (USA) 2-2
Monterrey (MEX) vs. Herediano (CRC) 1-0 

Wednesday, September 28
Real España (HON) vs. Santos Laguna (MEX) 1-1
Tauro (PAN) vs. FC Dallas (USA) 5-3
Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) vs. Morelia (MEX) 2-1
Metapán (SLV) vs. Colorado Rapids (USA) 1-3

Thursday, September 29
Alajuelense (CRC) vs. Motagua (HON) 1-0

Round 6
Tuesday, October 18
Morelia (MEX) vs. Alajuelense (CRC) 2-1
FC Dallas (USA) vs. Toronto FC (CAN) 0-3
Seattle Sounders (USA) vs. Monterrey (MEX) 1-2

Wednesday, October 19
Santos Laguna (MEX) vs. Colorado Rapids (USA) 2-0
Pumas UNAM (MEX) vs. Tauro (PAN) 1-0
Herediano (CRC) vs. Comunicaciones (GUA) 4-1
Thursday, October 20
Metapán (SLV) vs. Real España (HON) 3-2
Motagua (HON) vs. Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) 0-1

Group A
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Group B
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Group C
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Group D
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CONCACAF “The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football” is one of six continental confederations of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and serves as the governing body of football in this part of the world. It is composed of 40 national associations, from Canada in the north to Guyana, Surinam and French Guyana in the south.

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