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Post-Match Quotes: USA vs. Honduras

U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann and select players discuss the team’s 1-0 win against Honduras at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

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Jozy Altidore

IN THE IMAGE: The U.S. Men’s National Team defeated Honduras 1-0 on Saturday night.


On the game against Honduras:
“I think we saw a match that we kind of expected. Honduras is a strong and physical side, with surprises and technically gifted players who can score goals out of nothing. It took us a bit to get to a higher pace and the first 20 minutes were a bit too static, movement-wise. Then we took over, created a lot more chances and I had a feeling it was just a question of time until we scored that first goal.”

On the goal:

“When you score that first goal you have to make sure that you close it down. The second came late with Clint Dempsey’s header that was, for whatever reason, disallowed. The important thing was that we got three points because this team is hungry for success. They want to do well and get the results done right.”

On the win and the progress the team is making:

“I always want to win and get the results right. I think the work and the transition for the team might be easier when they get wins and get the right results. They’re being challenged by us coaches to step it up and go to the next level, to raise the pace and put more work into everything they do. There was a lot of intensity every day [this week] out there and that’s what we demand. We know they can’t do that over 90 minutes yet but that’s our goal. In that process it’s good to have the feeling that we’re doing the right thing but it’s also good to have the feeling that we’re getting the results.”

On Oguchi Onyewu:

“We called Gooch in because he’s back in a rhythm with a good team overseas. We followed him closely during the last few weeks. The decision to throw him in came from Michael [Orozco Fiscal] getting a knock on a corner kick. We also expected a lot of long balls in the second half because of the wind situation. If Gooch is up in the air then he cleans things up for you. Both things came together and I think we saw he’s back. Physically he’s looking okay and he still has a ways to go. He needs to play a whole year through every week. We hope he stays healthy, gets some rhythm and then he’s a huge asset for us, there’s no doubt about it.”

On Brek Shea:

“I think we saw a continuation of Brek Shea’s partnership with Timmy Chandler from the Belgium game. In the second half of the Belgium game they felt more and more comfortable with each other. They saw who moved where and it was another step today. This partnership seems like something they’re enjoying. Brek confirms here what he’s been doing throughout the year with Dallas. He’s growing into a better and better player and a stronger player. He’s maturing and we are here to help him in that process the same way as Schellas does in Dallas. We’re curious to see how this partnership develops over time.”

On Tim Howard:

“He’s providing a tremendous amount of leadership. Tim is really getting to a time of his career where he realizes the golden years are ahead. He’s moving forward undoubtedly as the No. 1 here, he’s playing for a very good team in Europe, and we want him to be one of the strong guys here both on and off the field. He has stepped up to that role. We really enjoy what he brings to the table.”

On the implementation of new ideas and new styles of play in the National Team:

“We always would like to see progress in every game but it will take time for the team to adjust. Sometimes the game goes better and sometimes it’s not going so well. I think we’ll have a real picture after a year or two, I don’t know. It’s a lot of work for us out on the training field to make things understood to the players. They play different systems in different ways with their club teams and then we have seven or eight days to work with them; the understanding with them gets better and better.”

U.S. Goalkeeper TIM HOWARD

On the team’s defensive performance:

“The conditions weren’t great, but I thought defensively we were pretty good. They pose some really big problems for us. They’re strong up front and because they have two target players who can hold the ball up they can get a lot of players into the attack. It was difficult but I thought we did pretty well in terms of controlling them and not giving them too many great chances.”


On his goal:
“I didn’t know if it was going to come through but I got a little bit lucky. I tried to take it on my right foot but I saw it was going to get blocked. I pulled it back and tried to place it with my left foot. I couldn’t have hit it any better.”

On the first half and the win:

“We didn’t play our best in the first 20 minutes but I thought we found the game a little better in the last 20 minutes of the first half. There were difficult conditions for both teams with the wind and the pitch being a bit bumpy. We’re happy to get our first win under the new manager and hopefully we can build on it.”

On the team moving forward after a first win under Jurgen Klinsmann:

“We put pressure on ourselves every game to do well. It’s about us continuing to move forward and put us in a good position to qualify for the next World Cup. We have to figure out what our best 11 is and that’s what these games our for. We’re playing against competition we will see in qualifying. It’s about us winning games and we want to win every one.”

On playing in front of more than 300 family and friends that came out to watch him play:
“I had a ton of family come out; it was really special for me. I really enjoyed playing in front of my family and a lot of people who helped me get to the point I am today.”

On the match:

“I think it’s good. We won the game. I think in the bigger picture of things we hadn’t won in three games so I thought it was important to win. As always, we have things to work on but in terms of coming out and imposing ourselves on the game, I think we did that.”

On the team’s first 20 minutes:

“We started a little slow. We recognized that and as the game went on we got better. We just have to start a little better, that’s all.”

On his role in the goal:
“I just tried to keep the ball going. The only thing you can do in that situation is try to dummy it and hope somebody is behind you.”

U.S. Midfielder MAURICE EDU

On the team’s performance:

“We had quite a few chances today. On another day, maybe we win this game three or four-nil. It was a positive result, positive performance and just another step early on in the cycle.”


On his first camp with the U.S. MNT:

“It was a great feeling. I had goose bumps because when the national anthem was playing, I felt like ‘Oh, wow, this is my first time with the U.S. National Team’ and I really enjoyed it.”

On if head coach Jurgen Klinsmann said anything to him before the game:

“He said I should have fun and put a smile on my face. Everything would be fine.”

On if he felt comfortable playing with the team:

“In Germany, I used to play a little bit more in the center but I also enjoyed being on the right midfield. I will play wherever the coach will let me play. I have to get use to them and they have to get used to me. I felt comfortable on the field and it was nice.”


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