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Post-Match Quotes: U-20 WNT vs. Canada

U.S. U-20 WNT head coach Steve Swanson and select players discuss the team’s overtime win agianst Canada to claim the 2012 CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship title.

U.S. U-20 WNT head coach STEVE SWANSON

On winning the 2012 CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship:

“Credit Canada, they’re a tough team to break down and I thought they played very hard. They had a good tournament, overall. But, full marks to our players. They really came back and showed a lot of determination and heart and hung in there. I was happy to see us win it before overtime. We had the momentum at that point when we scored the equalizer and it was just nice to see it carry through. It was a good tournament for us. We learned a lot and certainly were tested and are looking forward to the next phase which is getting ready for the World Cup.

“It was a thrill for us to win. It was a tough game, a very difficult game. We had to dig down deep, there. We played some good soccer throughout the game. That was probably our best stretch of soccer that we’ve played in the tournament, which I was proud of. We found ourselves down 1-0 but we showed a lot of determination, heart and grit to get back in it. To win it with that little time left is a great feeling right now and gives us a lot of momentum into our next camp.”

On the key for the team to remain patient and not give up:
“We talked about it at halftime, I didn’t think we played that poorly in the first half, I thought we actually played pretty well. We made a mistake in the back that caused the goal but overall, I thought we controlled the run of play. I thought we had a lot of chances. We seemed a little bit antsy in front of the goal, we weren’t finishing like we normally do and maybe that was because it was the first time we had been down in the tournament. But, it was coming, we just had to continue to play soccer and look for the quality chance and we got the quality chance and that was the difference.”

On what the team needs to improve before the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup:
“We pride ourselves on being a good possession-oriented team and I thought, at times, we were good this tournament but other times I think we can get better. Our speed of play can get better. In the attack, we can get a little bit better. We’ve done well, defensively, but I still think there are some things here and there that we can improve on. We just have to take the time now that we have together and keep building the team. This is a nice way to go into the next phase.”

U.S. U-20 WNT midfielder MORGAN BRIAN
On winning the 2012 CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship
“It’s a great feeling. We just battled out there. To come back like that was awesome. It was bittersweet, especially against Canada because we lost that last one [with the U-17 WNT] and it kept us from going to the World Cup. It felt great to win in the final and actually win the championship.”

On how winning the championship helps prepare the team for the 2012 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup:
“It helps because if we’re down a goal in the World Cup or anything, it lets us know that we can actually come back. We played with a lot of heart tonight.”

On what the team talked about at halftime:
“We talked about staying together and if we kept playing great soccer we knew our chances would come and we’d score some goals.”

On winning the CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship:
“Winning the CONCACAF championship against Canada was incredible. It’s such an amazing feeling after the game, especially being so close and coming out at the end, persevering through the whole game being down and finishing those two goals to come back was an incredible feeling.”

On what the team talked about at halftime:
“At halftime we talked about playing our game and that, no matter what, we’re not going to not play soccer. We’re going to keep the ball and possess, our style. We had some good opportunities in the first half so we just focused on making sure that we’re finishing our chances when we get them.”

On the feeling of being scored on and coming back:
“When the first goal went in, obviously, we were disappointed but I feel like we kept our heads up, played our game and persevered through it and we ended up coming out on top. When we scored our first goal, it was just an amazing feeling. Everyone was super excited. Once we scored, we knew we were back in it and ready to finish another one.”

On how she felt at the end of the game:
“When the referee blew the whistle I felt really relieved and it was just an incredible feeling. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

On how this game helps prepare the team for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup:
“This game definitely helps us for the World Cup. Going in, we have momentum but we’re going to go back and train and work on the things that we need to work on to get better.”

On winning the CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship:
“It feels really good to win against Canada. It was a great team effort. We played really well and it’s great to be a part of this team. Everyone did so well throughout the whole tournament.”

On what she was thinking when she entered the game:
“When I went into the game as a sub, I just thought that we needed a goal but we didn’t need to be frantic about it, we had plenty of time. We just needed to make sure that we played how we play, which we did because our opportunities were coming, we just needed to put them into the back of the net. I just tried to do my role and help out the team and we finally got two good goals.”

On her goal:
“Kealia [Ohai] made a good run on the outside and I saw her pick her head up and I tried to separate myself from my defender. The ball came in and we battled for it a little bit and I slid and just put it away from the ’keeper in the corner.”


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