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U.S. Paralypic Soccer Team to Meet in Chula Vista, Calif., for Training Camp From March 25-April 1

This will be the last domestic camp before the team competes in Ukraine International Tournament.

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IN THE IMAGE: After training camp, the U.S. Paralympic Soccer Team will travel to Ukraine and England.

CHICAGO (March 16, 2012) – The U.S. Paralympic Soccer Team will convene in Chula Vista, Calif., from March 25-April 1 for the team’s last domestic training camp in preparation for two consecutive international tournaments.

The U.S. will travel to Ukraine to compete in the Ukraine International Tournament from April 29-May 10. The team will also participate in the four-team BT Paralympic World Cup in Manchester, England, from May 23-26.

Head coach Jay Hoffman selected 16 players for the camp, including midfielder Josh McKinney, who leads the team with 96 caps and 75 career goals, including five in the 2011 CPISRA World Championships. The roster also includes the other two goalscorers from last year’s tournament, Adam Ballou and Marthell Vazquez.

Paralympic soccer is played seven-a-side on a smaller field and with smaller goals than non-disabled soccer. Each team plays with seven men using the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) rules, which have been slightly modified to accommodate the disabilities of the athletes.

To be eligible for Paralympic soccer, athletes must be ambulatory and have a diagnosis of non-progressive brain damage that is associated with motor control dysfunction such as Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury or stroke. More information about eligibility and the classification of athletes is available at the CPISRA website.

Detailed Roster          
Name                                       Pos.                 Birthdate                     Hometown                             
Ahrens, Chris (7)                     D                     Jan. 31, 1984               Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Ballou, Adam (7)                    M                     May 29, 1992              Virginia Beach, Va.
Brown, Dylan (6)                    F                      May 15, 1992              Clovis, Calif.
Boarman, Bryce (7)                 D                     Sept. 29, 1990             Colorado Springs, Colo.
Creasey, Nick (7)                    M                     Jan. 9, 1991                 Richmond, Va.
Hendricks, Alex (7)                G/F                  April 13, 1996             Columbus, Ohio
Howard, Charlie (7)                F                      June 16, 1995              Washington, D.C.
Johnson, Keith (7)                   GK                  July 2, 1980                 Houston, Texas
Latsch, Tommy (7)                  M                     Jan. 7, 1985                 Euclid, Ohio
Matsey, Sean (7)                     D                     April 26, 1989             Pittsburgh, Pa.
McKinney, Josh (7)                 M                     Jan. 18, 1979               Cary, N.C.
Morales, Moises (7)                 M                     Aug. 27, 1993             San Diego, Calif.
Stanz, John                              M                     Jan. 15, 1982               Hamburg, N.Y.
Sibayan, Gavin                        D                     Jan. 3, 1981                 Colorado Springs, Colo.
Vazquez, Marthell (5)             M                     April 8, 1987               Long Beach, Calif.
Wade, Jerreme (7)                   M                     Nov. 14, 1990             Chesapeake, Va.

Head Coach:               Jay Hoffman                           Virginia Beach, Va.
Assistant Coach:         Mike Haas                               Aurora, Colo.
Trainer:                        Carrie McKiddy                      Tolono, Ill.
Team Manager:           Dana Schoenwetter                 San Diego, Calif.

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