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U.S. Soccer to Host Four "C Retest" Centers This Spring

U.S Soccer Federation to Host Four “C Retest” Centers This Spring; Coaches Who Previously Received “Not Ready” Result Can Retest to Obtain National “C” License

CHICAGO (March 16, 2012) — U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Department is conducting four “C Retest” Centers this spring. The “C Retest” Center allows candidates who received a “Not Ready” grade in a previously completed “C” License course to retest their “Not Ready” component at a U.S. Soccer-hosted regional test site. Once a “Pass” grade is received for each component during the retest, the candidate will receive a U.S. Soccer National “C” License. 

Coaches are eligible to retest after a period of six months from the completion of their previously attended “C” license course or retest. There are no limitations placed on the amount of times a coach may retest; however, there is a waiting period of six months between each retest attempt.

A typical retest course begins on a Friday evening with a field session review followed by a classroom review. Field practical exams begin on Saturday. Coaches must attend the Friday night review in order to test the following day.

The “C Retest” is being offered in four locations this spring during the following dates:

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