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Post-Match Quotes: U.S. WNT 3, Brazil 0

Post-match quotes from the U.S. WNT’s 3-0 win against Brazil in the Kirin Challenge Cup on Tuesday

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U.S. head coach PIA SUNDHAGE

On the USA getting the game in before poor weather conditions hit Chiba, Japan:
“Well first of all, I am happy that we had a game. I heard about the bad weather and everything that happened to change the kickoff time. Well done everybody. I am really happy because (the weather during the game) was not that bad, so thank you very much.”

On the match:
“Playing against Brazil is always good. I think in the first half the speed of play was good and we scored two good goals on set pieces, which is something we talk about and prepare the team for. At halftime, we made some changes because we wanted some players to get some minutes against a very good team. Overall, I am happy with the tournament. Playing Japan and Brazil in April as preparation for the Olympics is very good for this team.”

On Brazil playing without Marta:
“Marta is one of the best players in the world and she will make sure the team keeps the ball and creates chances by bringing out the best performances in her teammates. If you look at the way they created chances today, it was very often that we were dispossessed and gave away the ball. Previously when we played against Brazil, it’s been a lot of defending, and with a player like Marta, she can keep the ball and make everyone look good around her and she is always a threat.”

On the first-half play and the second-half play:
“I like the way we played in the first half with our starting lineup. Brazil came out a little stronger in the beginning of the second half. I felt that after the first half, we took it a little bit for granted that we would keep on scoring goals, but I think we picked it up eventually. Regardless of that, I think we controlled the game and ended it in a good way with 3-0.”

On starting the same 11 players two games in a row:
“It’s important to find a starting lineup, because playing football is all about relationships. The left back needs to know how the left winger plays. So we are giving these guys a bit more time together, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be the starting lineup in the Olympics. We have a couple of more games to figure out which will be strongest team in the Olympics.”

U.S. midfielder/forward AMY RODRIGUEZ

On the weather and moving the kickoff time:
“I thought we handled the weather great today. Obviously the match time got changed to four hours earlier and as a team we just handled it. We have to be ready to handle that kind of adversity or any change in plans. We do that all the time on the field and I’m glad we came out with the win today.”

On the match:
“Today’s match was a hard-fought one. You can always expect Brazil to battle and they did exactly that today. It was a battle from the beginning, but we handled it great. I was really excited to get the chance to play and went in for the last 20 minutes and just wanted to make an impact.”

On her goal:
“I did have a good time scoring today. There was a little bit of jumble in the box and Abby [Wambach] was able to get to it and knock it down and I just tried to get a toe on it, and luckily it deflected off a defender and went into the back of the net.”

U.S. midfielder SHANNON BOXX

On scoring a goal:
“It felt great. We had been working on corners and making sure we get goals on set plays. [Lauren] Cheney played a great ball to the back post and finally one went in, so it was really exciting.”

On the match:
“I thought overall we did a great job. We’ve seen Brazil be flashy and our commitment as a team was to stay together and find the space and that space ended up being in front of the forwards. They did a great job of controlling the ball and setting play.”

On how important these games were to Olympic preparation:
“Huge. You don’t get these big games that often and the fact that we are getting to play good teams so many times, this tournament was very important for us. It was a short trip, but we got a lot done and I think we did very well.”


On the first goal:
“The first goal was a beautiful ball in by Christie [Rampone]. I don’t even know if it hit anything first, but it latterly came in and somehow hit my heel. I’d like to say I did a heel pass, but it wasn’t quite on purpose and then Carli [Lloyd] finished it off.”

On limiting Brazil to one shot on goal:
“I think we had great team defense today all over the field. We put good pressure on them and were able to manage their individual personalities. It was a little slippery out there and we had good cover for each other. It was a great team performance.”

On the tournament:
“We came here to get some good games and to finish on a high note like that is really positive and will give us some momentum.”

U.S. midfielder MEGAN RAPINOE

On the match:
“I thought the game was good. Obviously we’ve seen a better Brazil side, but they are always tough to play against, pretty unpredictable, crafty, smart players. I thought we possessed the ball well and we found the acres of space they were giving us. I think they are working on a new back line and tinkering around with some things, but I thought we did well with three really nice goals on set pieces. It’s always good to get a win, especially against Brazil.”

On the inclement weather:
“The stadium guards the weather a little bit. It wasn’t as bad as I’m sure it is on the outside. You could hear [the wind] sweeping outside the stadium, and it kind of rained off and on, but overall for what we were expecting, it wasn’t too bad.”

On her reaction to the game time being moved four hours earlier:
“I was like yes, this is awesome! Because on these late game nights we just sit around all day. I think everyone was like, ‘all right, let’s do this,’ let’s eat a little more at the pre-game meal and we’re off.”

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