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My Favorite Olympic Moment

Like millions of young women across the United States, the players of the U.S. Under-20 Women’s World Cup Team were glued to their televisions as their “older sisters” put together an emotional and dramatic run to the Olympic gold medal. We asked a few of the U-20s to tell us about their favorite and most thrilling moments from the USA’s march to the top of the podium in London, England.

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Kealia Ohai

IN THE IMAGE: U.S. midfielder Kealia Ohai during the 2012 CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship.

Midfielder Morgan Brian:
“My favorite moment was seeing all of them up on the podium getting their gold medals. That gave me chills. At that moment, I was thinking about how long and hard they worked to get there and with us a few weeks away from our World Cup, it was really inspiring to me. It was awesome to see all that work pay off.”

Defender Julie Johnston:
“It had to be Carli Lloyd coming off the bench in the first game and making a HUGE difference. You have to respect someone who was a starter and scored the winning goal in the gold medal game in 2008 and then was given a reserve role. It’s awesome when you are ready anytime to come off the bench and help your team and not just play, but make a tremendous difference. You go girl!”

Forward Becca Wann:
“For me, it was probably Abby’s goal when they were down 2-0 against France. It sparked the comeback. She’s a leader on the team and that goal instilled the confidence that they could come back. And then they did just that and got the dub!”

Midfielder Sarah Killion:
“Just the Canada game overall was inspiring to me. Seeing the team being able to come back from being down a goal three times in one game was outstanding. We always look up to the full team and our U.S. women’s teams have always represented the attitude of not giving up and that game was a perfect picture of that. No matter what goes wrong in a game, we’ll never give up and we’ll always keep fighting for a goal.”

Midfielder Samantha Mewis:
“For me, it was when Sydney Leroux scored against New Zealand and just seeing how excited she was, it made me just as excited for her. I got to play one year with Syd in college (at UCLA) and seeing her succeed at such a high level was really inspiring. If I had to describe her facial expression, it would be pure shock and joy.”

Midfielder Kealia Ohai:
“I just loved watching Megan Rapinoe in the Canada game. She kept our team alive. Who scores off a corner kick? Megan Rapinoe. Who shoots with no space through traffic off the post and in? Megan Rapinoe. Twice when Canada thought they were about to take over the game she answered back with a moment of brilliance. It wasn’t just her goals, it was her entire performance. As a winger, that’s how I aspire to impact a game.”

Defender Cari Roccaro:
“I’m huge a Carli Lloyd fan. I liked her first goal in the final, but the second was mind-blowing. I knew it was going to go in as soon as she started dribbling and I’m not just saying that. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! And when it did go in, I just got really happy for her. When that ball flew into the corner of the goal, I knew we were going to win. I was hoping she would get the hat trick, but two was enough!”

Goalkeeper Bryane Heaberlin:
“Hope Solo made some great saves in the tournament, but my favorite moment was actually her punch in the final when she went through Rachel Buehler and the Japanese player. She got the ball out of danger and that was the most important thing. Hope Solo is a force to be reckoned with. That makes opponents second-guess if they want to go hard for a ball in the box again.”

Midfielder Mandy Laddish:
“I think one of my favorite parts of the Olympics was just the way we played in the final. You could tell that the team wasn’t dwelling on the World Cup, but that they also had something to prove. Japan played a tremendous game, but we never looked nervous and had amazing focus and tenacity. It was awesome to watch two great teams play that well in a world final and even better for our team to come out on top.”

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My Favorite Olympic Moment
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