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U.S. Women’s Youth National Team Program Technical Tests

The U.S. Soccer Coaching Education Program is committed to providing quality educational resources for coaches of all levels will be featured in these updates so be sure to take full advantage of the information and content being posted at ussoccer.com.

U.S. Soccer’s Youth National Team Directors, April Heinrichs (Technical Director) and Jill Ellis (Development Director) have identified the need to establish nation-wide technical testing and benchmarking. The following protocols can be used as tests, homework and training exercises. 

The technical tests were designed with U-12 to U-20 players in mind. They are geared towards motivating players to spend time on their own to improve their ball control, short range passing, speed and agility with the ball, and the use of their instep for driving balls and shooting.  A player that can control the ball is a player that helps control the tempo of the game and contributes to the team’s tactical abilities.

The primary vision of the U.S. Women’s Youth National Teams program is, “to deliver more technically skilled and tactically sophisticated players to the full Women’s National Team in an effort to sustain performance success over the next 20 years.”  We hope you find these technical tests fun, challenging and rewarding. We hope they will inspire players to spend more time with the ball through this cultural and behavioral revolution.

Technical Tests Downloads

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U.S. Women’s Youth National Team Program Technical Tests
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