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Y – for Yannick Djalo in MLS Alphabet Week 6

Y – for Yannick Djalo in MLS Alphabet Week 6

Y – Yannick, Djalo – The dynamic San Jose Earthquakes attacking midfielder, and our MLS version of Neymar Jr..

On Sunday, Djalo showed us that his haircut and Portuguese language are not the only things he shares with Neymar Jr. In his first full 45 minutes in an Earthquakes jersey, Djalo showed his amazing technical skills; some MLS defenders will have nightmares marking him. Djalo’s sombrero trick got as much applause at Buck Shaw Stadium as Chris Wondolowski’s equalizing goal. After the game I asked him if has a few more of those tricks, and he answered: “I just want to do whatever takes to help the team win. I feel wonderful in San Jose, entire team welcomed me with open arms, and they are all fantastic to me, and like family to me,” said Djalo in Spanish, and thank you to Jed Mettee for the translation.

Yannick Djalo sombrero trick

Yannick Djalo sombrero trick

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