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Why should we watch out, when David Villa taking penalties?

Why should we watch out, when David Villa taking penalties?

The first player to score 50 goals for his national team Spain,  David Villa just joined MLS by signing with New York City Football Club. The Spanish superstar will start with NYCFC next year.

“This is a historic and exciting moment for the City family and the building of New York City Football Club,” said City CEO Ferran Soriano. “I know David really well; he is one of the best footballers in the world, a true winner and in an outstanding moment of his career. I’m sure New Yorkers will enjoy watching him play for their city.”

“David Villa is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished soccer players and best strikers in the world,” added Jason Kreis, Head Coach, New York City FC. “I couldn’t be happier that we have acquired such an amazing talent as our first-ever signing. David will be a shining example of what it will mean to be a New York City player and a leader for us on and off the field. He is hard working, he is a natural competitor, he is a winner at heart, and he is a terrific man. David has checked every box for what we were looking for in our first signing and it is a great day to be a member of this growing family of a club.”

David Villa signed with NYCFC

David Villa signed with NYCFC

Claudio Reyna, New York City FC Sporting Director commented, “David is the perfect first signing for New York City FC. His individual accomplishments are remarkable. He is the Spanish National Team’s all-time top goal scorer as well as the first Spanish player to ever reach 50 international goals. He has won three La Liga championships, the Champions League, and will be playing in his 3rd World Cup this summer in Brazil. His experiences, including winning the 2010 World Cup, will be invaluable for building our club’s sporting culture. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to New York City and have him as our club’s first player.”

David Villa is well remembered from the 2010 World Cup not only for his 5 goals, but for missing a 6th one. About 20-25 minutes before the Spain vs Honduras game at the 2010 World Cup, a message was spread in online betting communities that this game is an over-trap, meaning bookies are paying a good rate for over 2.5 goals, because they have confidence there won’t be more than 2 goals in the match. As always, when I hear or read such message, I say that’s BS, but I take note and watch the game. And, sure enough, Spain led by a comfortable 2-0 over Honduras after the first half, and third goal by Tiki-Taka boys appeared to be a matter of time. MORE on David Villa and his penalties under letter V – in MLS Alphabet Week 13

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