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Soccer with Chris

…around American soccer with European accent…

This is an experimental test version of website edited by Chris Reiko and associates,  all comments and suggestions highly appreciated.

Chris Reiko as journalist is covering sports events since 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona. Last 16 years mainly focusing on Major League Soccer and soccer in general, but also covering American Football by National Football League, NHL, NBA, PGA golf events, and some college sports. Covered variety of high rank sports events such as soccer World Cups, Olympic games, Super Bowl, and MLS, NHL, NBA, NFL (Pro Bowl) All-Stars matches, as well as Formula1 racing and heavyweight boxing fights.

Covered official visits, of three different Polish Presidents in California: Lech Wałęsa, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Lech Kaczyński, and other high rank Polish politicians. Over the years as media member involved in many art events, film festivals, concerts, and performances by many famous Polish musicians and artists.

Founder of website Soccer with Chris. For over 15 years dedicated to development of soccer in United States and Major League Soccer. Creator and editor of MLS Alphabet – popular light weekly column about Major League Soccer published after each weekend during the MLS season.

Since 1992 Polish ethnic media contributor and press correspondent from North America to several of Polish newspapers, magazines, tv and radio stations such as: Polskie Radio, TVP, Polvision, Canal+, PAP, Nowy Dziennik – Polish Daily News, Przegląd Sportowy, Dziennik, Rzeczpospolita, GIGA Sport, Mega Sport, Futbol News, MediaSport, Interia.

Native of Poland, but also U.S. citizen, communicates in four different languages Polish, English, Russian and French. Since 1995 resides in San Francisco Bay Area California.

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  1. I was wondering if the FoxSoccer2go deal was anygood? CAn you get most EPL games and watch the Fox Soccer Shows? Is it close to the TV channel programming? I cannot find anybody that has reviewed the site for the content? I am going to drop my DirectTV since all I do is watch netflix and Fox Soccer. Thanks. Chris

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